www.kit-lissagebresilien.com guarantees a secure payment.

Secure payment : Credit Card System online.

Secure payment by PayPal.

PayPal is your safety reflex to pay online. Pay with your credit card without communicating the card number to the merchant. In addition to that, you can pay faster when you buy online.

Security :

* The credit card number is never revealed to the merchant.

* 100% protection against any unauthorized payments sent from your

* Each purchase is confirmed by a receipt.

* Protection of the buyer in case of dispute.

Practical and convenient :
For international payments we will give you the IBAN and SWIFT of the bank account for payment. However, we recommend the order payment via Paypal for more speed and security. You are indeed covered in case of dispute or litigation.

* Pay faster when you shop online.

* Pay with Paypal or with your bank account. You have the choice.

Paypal payment address: Hairgostraight@live.be

Standard Payment :

We accept payments by bank transfer. To use that system, we ask you to indicate a communication stating your order number