The keratin treatment lasts 2h (short hair) to 4 hours for long hair.

 Previously, it is important to remember that the Brazilian smoothing is not a permanent but a smoothing thermal treatment.

You should not expect to have straight hair permanently: this is not a relaxer

 Smoothing Brazilian keratin will nourish, repair, making hair shiny, silky, manageable hair, remove frizz and provide assistance in smoothing (thanks mainly to the contribution of the heat).

The keratin will gain the  hair and do not change the molecular structure of hair (as relaxer). It does not damage the hair, quite the contrary.

It’s effect lasts for 3 to 4 months depending on the nature of the treated hair and maintenance provided during this period.

The result is only guaranteed if all steps are met 100%.

1. Wash hair 3 times with clarifying shampoo No. 1 (transparent color). Lather shampoo in all parts of your hair for 5 minutes. The purpose of this clarifying shampoo is to open the shell of your hair so the more you do the more the shell opens. Purifying shampoo also removes all the impurities in your hair at the end of the keratin adheres as closely as possible. Leave on the product for 4 minutes each shampoo and rinse. Make sure that the shampoo is rinsed well because it tends to stick in your hair.

 2. Dry the hair to 90% with a hairdryer. The hair should remain slightly damp.

 3. Ventilate the room until the end of treatment!! Do this preferably near a window and open the door to ventilate the room

 Spread wick (very fine) by strand keratin (pink for platinum or white for the platinum solution) on the hair 1.5 cm from the root. Do not put too much!

 Divide keratin across the wick, the wick massaging hair to penetrate the product and with a comb-tooth comb. Be sure to comb your hair at the end to remove the unnecessary keratin, do not hesitate to spread it in dry hair.

Wrap the hair in foil and put a scarf / veil / cap. You will that it warms up. This is quite normal.

 4. Leave for 1h-1h30.

 5. Prior to brushing / plate, aerate the room for the rest of the process. , Open all the windows.

 Dry your hair strand by strand 100% with a hair dryer and a brush. At this stage it is not necessary to smooth, just dry. The hair must be dry to 100% from root to tip (very important!)

 Then do a good brushing.

 6. Before crossing the straightener, make sure whenever the wick is 100% dry from root to tip (very important!)

Be careful at this stage not to burn your hair with too high a temperature with the straighteners according to your hair type.

Finally, drill (very fine) wick go SLOWLY hotplates 230 ° very important!) Repeatedly (minimum 14 times). If your hair were sensitized, fine, fragile and broken past the flat iron at 210 ° and pass the straightener 5-7 times a bit without too much stress on the tips. This step is the most important and crucial for optimal results.

 Then iron over the hair with the straightener SLOWLY strand by strand for 15 to 20 minutes. If your hair were sensitized, fine and fragile broken past the flat iron at 210 ° and pass the straightener 5-7 times a bit without too much emphasis on points

 If you have very curly hair / curls do not hesitate to straighten your hair three times a day for 72 hours and even keep the product longer than 72 hours late to have an even smoother.


DO NOT RINSE FOR 72H for pink keratin and 12-48h for keratin platinium solution.

 RINSE AFTER 12-48h/72H: Dry your hair with a hair dryer at maximum temperature and brush at the same time. If they are not stiff enough to your taste, you can use the straightener for a few minutes.


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 Essential equipment when smoothing:

 - A ceramic flat iron 230 °


- Hairdryer

 - A pair of gloves

- Aluminum foil

 - A comb with teeth

 - A brush

 - A fan or a well ventilated

 - A bowl

 - A mask

 Spend at least morning and evening plates fine wick wick fine to 230 ° (min.14 bit times) Your straightener must be passed at 230 ° and not least, this is VERY important!. You must move VERY SLOWLY strand by strand. If you have frizzy hair strong, do not hesitate to do it 3 times a day. If your hair were sensitized, fine and fragile broken past the flat iron at 210 ° and pass the straightener 5-7 times a bit without too much emphasis on points

Do not tie your hair or clip or elastic. Do not wet (if that is the case the plates move immediately on your hair). Do not put your hair behind your ears and not of sunglasses for example on the head. If you wear a veil, do not overtighten. Avoid anything that could potentially give shape to your hair.

 Tip: If you can keep the product for more then 72h., the result will be even better ... If have a hair greasy quickly, you can keep an average of 4 days and if you have very dry hair you can keep the product longer because they do not have a greasy appearance.


 Now you need to wash your hair with shampoo, conditioner, serum, mask without sodium sulphate * and preferably with keratin. Products containing keratin make your hair more shine. If you use products that contain sodium sulfate, the result will leave very quickly.

Cleaning products sold are without sodium sulphate and contain keratin.

The result is only guaranteed if all steps are met 100%.

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