Inoar Maroquinno

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Inoar Maroquinno

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Kit 3 x 250 ml Inoar ghair

  • 250 clarifying shampoo inoar ghair
  • 250 keratin treatment inoar ghair
  • 250 finalizing mask inoar ghair

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 Step 1
Wash the hair at least 2TIMES  with Inoar Deep Cleaning Shampoo. Massage it starting from the scalp up to the hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat for the THIRD TIME if necessary. Dry thoroughly with a towel.


  Step 2
Using a hair dryer, dry 0ff 100% 0f the hair, depends on the type hair.


  Step 3
In a recipient place the Step 2 of Inoar Treatment. Complete the recipient with small portions – for avoiding unecessary waste - until you have passed it on all hair over. Apply the product on the full extent of the hair starting from the back of the neck. Apply it with a brush on fine strands and with a very thin comb, take the excess of the product out of the strands and use it for the other strand sequencely. Leave it on the hair for 30 minutes.


  Step 4
Use an hair dryer at mid temperature, it's going to help avoiding the smoke/steam. Blow-Dry 100% 0f the hair starting from the back to the top.


  Step 5
Split the hair into parts. Separate it in very thin strands and pass the iron/streightner 180°C to 200°C (chemically processed hair) and 200°C to 230°C (virgin hair) betweem 7 to 10 times on each strand, depending on hair type. Start from the back of neck and proceed up to the top of the head.


  Step 6

Apply the STEP 3 streightway after you had applied de streightner and leave it for 05 minutes massaging the hair and then, rinse it out thoroughly. DO NOT SHAMPOOING IT. If necessary just dump the hair for applying the step 3. After rinse the hair towel dry the hair, give it a hairdrier and stylish as you prefer.


Worthy to learn: Apply a fill drops of Argan Oil onto the hair and finish it up with desired styling. The

properties of the Argan Oil helps to protect the hair against the very high and low temperatures and others benefits.




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